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50 years in band

Guitar, Vocals

Andrey Makarevich

I swear I don't know what the answer would be to the question about why Mashina Vremeni has stayed together for so long. It's true that we've been friends, but that explains absolutely nothing. When I think about that question it starts to seem to me that our songs themselves demand that we play them. We simply have no other choice but to give in to their demands

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44 years in band

Bass, Vocals

Alexandr Kutikov

In general our longevity isn't decided by us - it's sort of a magical movement of the stones. Let's put it this way: there's some kind of heavenly supernatural component to it - I think that's why Mashina Vremeni has been around for so long and for that reason all of these very different, but very interesting, good and talented people have stayed together

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40 years in band


Valeriy Efremov

In my opinion, Mashina Vremeni is still together exclusively thanks to the friendship that has developed between the people inside the collective. At one point I asked the guys directly: "How serious is all of this and how long will it last?" They told me that they thought it would be very serious and for a long time. As time has shown, that has been absolutely true

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7 years in band



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